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Vasectomy Reversal Doctor:  Dr. Dennis Streeter

Drew & Jimi Ann Vane's Testimony

My wife and I decided that I would get a vasectomy in 2004 about one year after your 4th child was born.  He had been born 6 weeks early and spent 10 days in neonatal intensive care.  The road was a tough one and the complications, along with our older bodies, convinced us that we should stop at four children.  We’d already doubled the “responsible number of children” labeled by Drew’s parents so why not stop now?  Well, in the summer of 2006, we started making changes to our lifestyle to live a more biblical life.  These changes came from convictions that the Lord put on our hearts.  One such conviction that my wife received from the Lord was that by me having had a vasectomy, we were limiting what God could do with our lives by restricting the number of children we could have.  She asked me to think over getting a reversal and pray about it.  Well, about a week later, I responded to the Holy Spirit’s leading to seek a reversal.  We were led to The Lord’s Heritage and were shortly thereafter approved for the vas reversal funding list.  I still find it ironic that medical insurance will pay for you to stop having babies but not pay to let you start having them again.  Anyway, we donated monthly, trusting the Lord to work through the giving to help us reach our funding goal.  Then, in the spring of 2007, we were blessed with a nice tax return check (another benefit of having many children) and decided to put it towards closing out our fund.  We made an appointment with Doctor Streeter in Merrillville, Indiana for mid-May.  Drew flew up to Chicago to stay with a good friend who took good care of him before and after the surgery.  Dr. Streeter and his nurse, Yvonne, who assisted, were wonderful.  They put Drew at ease with discussions about life and families while the 45-minute surgery was completed.  Did it hurt?  You betcha!  Its far easier to break something than it is to put it back together.  But, the local anesthetic and medication helped Drew through the process smoothly.  What was encouraging was a bulletin board in Dr. Streeter’s surgery room full of pictures of reversal babies!  Its been a week and a half now and Drew is still feeling some discomfort.  However, it is far better to respond to the Lord’s calling then to remain stagnant in our faith and not grow.  We don’t know if the Lord will bless us with more children or not.  But, we’re willing to love and provide for whomever He does send our way!


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