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Vasectomy Reversal: August 4, 2007 with Dr. David Wilson
1st Reversal Blessing due May 17, 2008 !!

Roger & Kim Spendlove's Testimony
Parents to 4 so far

"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen." --Ephesians 3:20-21 

We can think of no better words to express our awe at what the Lord has done, is doing, and will continue to do for us.  I am so excited I could not figure out how to start, but this scripture says it all.

Fifteen months ago, as I slowly recovered from Mahli's complicated C-section birth and we were terribly overwhelmed by various trials, Roger and I made the horrible decision to have a vasectomy.  It went against everything we believed (and zealously testified to anyone who would listen).  Our fear of what could happen to me if I had another baby plummeted us into doubt, so we rashly did the 'sensible thing' and had the surgery.

From the day it was done we've tearfully regretted our mistake.  That same night as the awful reality set in we talked about getting a reversal, but financially it was impossible.  Our eldest daughter's frequent questions and comments about 'the next baby' broke our hearts again and again, but we felt completely helpless to do anything but pray for God to make a way.

Last October, Roger attended the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival sponsored by Vision Forum.  When he came home we had a long talk, and at 2:00 in the morning we dropped to our knees and prayed like we have not prayed in years. We repented again of the vasectomy, for losing the vision for our family, and for following the more worldly doctrines and philosophy of the church we were involved in.  It was a
truly anointed time and a turning point.  We came away knowing two things.  We were moving again 'somewhere,' and our desire for a reversal needed to be a goal, not just a prayer request.  We had no idea how either of these things were going to be possible, but we knew without a doubt that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD.  So we began to prayerfully wait in expectation of His plans for us.

In April, I had the great privilege to attend the Texas Above Rubies Retreat.  I attended alone so that I would not be distracted from what the Lord had for me there.  He blessed me with a wonderful roommate and spoke to my heart in so many ways.  I was humbled and edified, convicted and encouraged.  Being surrounded by so many women with so many children only increased my longing for restoration and our convictions for family.

Saturday night I attended the prayer session, and when it was my turn I shared our story.  I was immediately surrounded by my sisters who mourned and wept, joining with Nancy as she prayed for restoration and God's provision, for Roger's career and where we are supposed to go. Afterwards she told me not to wait for the money to come, but to begin
taking steps of preparation in faith. Find a doctor and what is involved, the cost, maybe even prayerfully set a date.

A little while later I went to sit and rest (Mahli had been asleep in my arms for a couple hours while we were praying).  Christine Salinas came and sat down next to me.  She introduced me to Landon (her 2nd reversal baby), then told me she was part of a ministry that helps pay for reversals!  I was completely overwhelmed as she shared with me about The Lord's Heritage.  An hour had not even passed and God was already making the path straight!!

When I got home I told Roger about TLH immediately, and we cried together, because what had been so far out on the horizon that we couldn't see it, now came into view.  We joined TLH as soon as we could and since that time (only 2 1/2 months ago!!) we've been immeasurably blessed by the fellowship, encouragement, prayers and wisdom that have
been shared.  That alone is an incredible praise but God did not stop there.  He was just warming up!!

We completed our funding application a couple weeks ago praying for God's timing and for patience.  The next day Kelli put out the email telling vas reversal applicants to get them in because Dr. Wilson in Oklahoma was donating a special discount reversal to the ministry in August, and there were no families on the waiting list.

Well, last night the Bucklins and Foldens called for our application interview.  Kelli was just bursting with excitement.  Not only were we accepted to the funding list and receiving the August discount reversal gift from Dr. Wilson, but also our fund was already complete!

We are completely overwhelmed by the Lord's love for us!  It is one thing to read scripture about God's mercy and graciousness, but another thing entirely to experience it first hand!  I know I've made a very long testimony, but we want everyone to share in comprehending the magnitude of what God has done for us. In 15 months the Lord has taken us from hopeless remorse and despair, to overwhelming hope and rejoicing.  And He's not done yet!

Roger has accepted the appointment with Dr. Wilson for the 4th of August--only three weeks away!  Not only will he be whole again, but he will carry, in his body, a living testimony of God's power and provision.  Trials will come again to be sure, but should we ever dare to doubt our Omnipotent God again, the evidence of His power, His grace,
His mercy, His provision, His amazing love and forgiveness will be written in Roger's flesh and in the eyes of our children. Oh, Lord God, Great is thy faithfulness!!

Thank you all for being on this journey with us.  As we've gotten to know so many of you via this list we are filled with such love for you and are blessed to be part of your journeys as well.  It's hard for me (Kim) to even imagine how lonely I was before we found you.  We are so grateful for every one of you, for the servant team and their leadership and guidance, and their obedience to serve the Lord through this ministry. The glory of God is so magnificently displayed for all to see.  Oh, great is the Lord and most worthy of praise!!

Vasectomy Reversal done August 4th, 2007 by Dr. David Wilson!!

Grace and Peace to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

The Spendloves (Kim & Roger) returned from our trip to Muskogee, Oklahoma to visit Dr. Wilson, where we saw the hand of God firmly sheltering us from all harm!  Our 9-hour drive was uneventful-no traffic, no accidents to hinder our way, not even any road construction to slow us down!

Dr. Wilson is a wonderful, godly and highly intelligent man.  He can speak extremely fast sometimes, but he's aware of it and is willing to slow down.  He spoke of success rates for Vasectomy Reversal being measured by sperm patency and pregnancy rates, but he fully acknowledges that any conception is an act of God--it is the Lord who opens and closes the womb!

Dr. Wilson answered all of our questions before we commenced the surgery.  I've been fighting a cough (allergies, I think) for the past two weeks, so I was concerned that if I were to cough during the procedure it could be dangerous. Dr. Wilson admitted that coughing would indeed be hazardous, but our best "treatment" for that was to pray, which we did (and had been doing for weeks!). He said that in over 250 vas reconstruction surgeries he's performed, he has ~NEVER~  had a man cough on the table.  Statistically, that is extremely
unlikely, so he knows it is God's hand of protection!  Once again, the Lord showed His mighty power by suppressing my cough for the entire surgery.  I coughed once before, and a few times later in the evening, but not once while it was dangerous to do so!

I had also been concerned about my "restless legs" because I frequently have difficulty keeping them still whenever I ~have~ to for a long period of time. Dr. Wilson assured me there were only two 20-minute periods where I absolutely had to keep motionless, but at all other times it was not crucial. Again, the Lord had me in the shelter of His wing-He made me to fall asleep during those two 20-minute periods!  Of course, I did have Vicodin (painkiller) and Xanax (tranquilizer) in me, but I only fell asleep during the two crucial periods-I was awake between and after them!

Kim was able to be in the operating room with me after the first 45 minutes (when Dr. Wilson was getting everything prepped, and making the first, critical incision).  She held my hand, read scripture, and prayed with me.  We relaxed, listening to the hymns and bagpipe music CDs Dr. Wilson played during the procedure.  At one point he allowed Kim (a former medical assistant and EMT) to peer through the operating microscope.

Dr. Wilson found sperm cells in each vas deferens tube-- on one side they were even motile (living)!  These are excellent indicators that my fertility will soon be completely restored.

The entire procedure lasted about three hours.  After the procedure, Kim and I had a pizza delivered to our hotel room.  We ate lunch, then I slept the remainder of the afternoon. Our drive home on Sunday was also uneventful.  We worshiped to music CDs, prayed and read scripture in the car.

Now, three days after the surgery, I have no pain and only a little bit of discomfort.  The Lord is restoring my body very well.

I am exceedingly thankful to Dr. Wilson and The Lord's Heritage--and ultimately to God, of course--for making it possible for me to reverse my sin.  Like a thief, I stole from the Lord a piece of His sovereignty when I had the vasectomy. Like a fool and a criminal, I thought only of myself and my wife when we believed the lie that we could not trust the Lord with our future pregnancies and wellbeing. But praise the Lord God Almighty who forgives us when we repent--and in this case, He even allows us to reverse the damage done by our sinful distrust!  Kim and I now trust Jesus completely and fully to heal and restore Kim's womb, and to bless us with more arrows for our quiver--if HE so chooses.

Thank you, members of The Lord's Heritage, for your prayers and your encouragement.
In His love and protection,
Roger Spendlove

1st Reversal Blessing due May 17, 2008 !!
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