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Vasectomy Reversal: January 2009 with Dr. David Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Smith (pseudonyms)
My husband had his vasectomy in December of 2003, shortly after the birth of our fourth child. The world tells us that having more than four children is too many, an irresponsibility, etc.  We foolishly listened.

The desire for more children never went away, and in 2006, we began the adoption process.  In 2007, we adopted a beautiful child from Ethiopia.

But the desire for more children was still firmly planted in my heart.

On Valentines Day 2008, my husband had a vasectomy reversal, using the macrosurgical method.  Eight months later, he had a semen analysis that came up with a sperm count of zero.  We immediately came to your website looking for a doctor with a good recommendation who could do a second reversal at a price we could afford. It was also important that this doctor used the microsurgical method.  We found Dr. David Wilson.  My husband flew out to Muskogee, OK in January of 2009, on a Thursday.  Friday morning, he went to his appointment in an older, outdated, office complex and lay flat on a simple wooden table for 3 1/2 hours start to finish. Afterwards, he drove himself to the pharmacy to pick up his antibiotic prescription, and then drove himself back to the motel.  He stayed there the remainder of Friday, all day Saturday, and flew home Sunday afternoon.  He went back to work on Tuesday.

My husband tells me that this time, his pain was less (7.5 on a scale of 10) and the recovery time was faster than the first reversal (which was done by a urologist in a fancy clinic).  It's been 4 weeks, and we looked at his semen tonight under a microscope.  W were amazed to find more spermatozoa than we could count.
Thank you Dr. Wilson.

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