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Q1.  What do I need to prepare for traveling before and after surgery?

Mindy answers:  1) A small pillow to hold against your tummy after the surgery.  This was a life-saver to me after the surgery, both for getting in and out of bed, and for the travel home.
2) Loose-fitting clothes that are easy to pull on and off.  Also, slip-on shoes--you won't feel like bending over! Plus, I had to remove my shoes when going through security before boarding the plane, and this was not
easy!  So, make sure all your clothes and shoes are easy to get on and off.
3) They (the doctors) will give you some medication for pain, but you might want to bring along some ibuprofen just in case.  They will also give you an antibiotic to prevent infection.
4) Bottled water and snacks. 

Janel answers:  We drove to Dr. Perez and back. We just allowed for more frequent stops and a longer time for the return trip.

Kelli answers:  Mindy is right!  Comfy clothes, slip on shoes, and lots of water.  I would also recommend an extra day if you are traveling far!  It makes the world of difference!

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How long will I be off my feet after surgery?

 Mindy answers: This seems to be different for different people. I recovered much faster from the TR than I did my 2 c-sections. I do know, though, that MANY of us try to do too much too soon and often make our recovery longer as a result. I would plan to be off my feet for at least a week. Two after surgery tips that I found invaluable--I learned these from c-sections! Pillows--LOTS of pillows--like 5 or 6--in bed with you. If you can kind of make yourself a nest in bed and not lie down flat, it makes getting up MUCH easier and less painful. When we got back to our hotel in McAllen, my husband went to the desk and asked for 5 extra pillows, and it helped SO much. Secondly, a satin fitted sheet for your bed at home is GREAT! I use this both after surgery, during the latter stages of pregnancy, and after delivery. It makes getting in and out of bed so much easier, and also turning over simpler.

Janel answers:  After leaving the hospital I took it easy for about ten days but some need more and some need less time than this.

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I was wondering if those of you who have had your reversal - if your post tubal ligation syndrome symptoms are all gone?

Anonymous answers:  I will be honest I have been more emotional and more hormonal since I had my tubal. But have heard from many that it will balance out very soon. 

Kelli answers:  I think this is more an individual thing then a general consensus.  I personally have had a lot of relief from the PTLS symptoms I had.  My cycles are more regular and less painful.  Although initially after the surgery they were a mess!  I think this is more because of your body trying to get used to having the hormones and blood flow it was lacking for so long.

Mindy answers:  I would have to agree that things were actually "worse" in a way, after my TR--but mine had to do with my periods. My periods were more erratic and uncomfortable after the surgery. However, they have been much better since Hannah was born. Also, though, I really didn't have any physical PTLS symptoms. So, maybe that's why I didn't improve? I hesitated to answer this question because I don't want to be a stumbling block to anyone, or give anyone an excuse not to obey the Lord. Unfortunately, we have to face the consequences of our actions, whether they come after our tubal ligation, after the reversal surgery, or both! But the rewards of obeying Him are SO much greater than the consequences of the sin. And besides--every time I would be uncomfortable during my monthly cycle, I would remind myself that I was WHOLE again!

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  Do I need my post-op and lab reports before going for my surgery?

Kelli answers:  This really varies from doctor to doctor.  Most will want at least your post-op reports if they are available.  The problem is some of them are just not as accurate as they ought to be.  Many times people return from have their reversals only to say that the post-op report had inaccurate information in them.  Please check with the doctor that you selected to perform your surgery and see what their preference is.

Janel answers:  For Dr. Perez, yes these are required. And need to be sent to him in advance.

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  Is there a weight limit to have a reversal?

Kelli answers:  This really varies from doctor to doctor too.  It should be expected that the doctors may have this with tubal reversals, as it is an abdominal surgery.  I have heard of some with them and some without.  It is best to inquire with the doctor you select.  We have never heard of one for a vas reversal patient though. 

Janel answers:  Not for Dr. Perez

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  Can my spouse go with me in the operating room?

Kelli answers:  Again this is up to the doctor.  Some allow tubal reversal patients to have their husbands in the operating room.  Dr. Perez did with our reversal.  He even allows your husband to take picture or film the reversal.  They all have their own preferences for their own reasons.  Check with them!  Most of the men that I know that have had vas reversals were able to have their wives in there too!  Vas procedures seem to be done more commonly in the office then in the operating room and this seems to allow for more variance.  Again, check with them! 

Janel answers:  Yes, in Mexico.

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  How long will I be in the hospital?

Kelli answers:  This can depend on the amount of reconstruction that needs to be done and if any complications arise.  It is something that everyone should realize is on a case by case basis.  No one rule will fit for all patients, be them vas or tubal.  If you call them, most all of the doctors will tell you what the "average" time frame is for normal circumstances.  It is best when traveling to allow for an extra day or two just in case!

Janel answers:  The typical stay in Mexico is 24 hrs. post-op. but I didn't get in at my scheduled time due to a baby being delivered. The actual surgery didn't happen until late in the evening instead of the usual 7am.

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  How soon can I fly home?

Kelli answers:  This really varies from person to person.  We recommend that you discuss this with your doctor when you begin to prepare for your reversal surgery.  This will allow you to prepare for some extra time away if need be.  Traveling too soon after surgery with out doctors approval can cause damage to what you just had repaired.  Remember this is SURGERY, not a trip to a day spa!  It is important that you follow your doctors advice and be good stewards of the blessing you have just had!

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  How long do we need to abstain from marital relations?

Kelli answers:   This is a decision that is best kept between you and your spouse as the Lord leads.  Some wait until they feel they are physically comfortable.  Others don't wait at all.  Some feel led to follow their doctors advice.  The average advice seems to be about 2 weeks.  As a ministry we can suggest prayerfully considering the doctors advice and following the Lords leadings.  Having relations too soon can damage the repairs that you just had and put you at risk for infection.  Remember this is surgery and should be treated as such!

Janel answers:  I think we were told 3 months.

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  How long before we can try to conceive?
Kelli answers:  This is a very personal and controversial decision to make.  We recommend asking your doctor what his or her recommendation is and why.  I asked my doctor why they recommended not conceiving for a couple months, and his response was that a growing baby can damage the healing tissues that are there from surgery.  Being quiverfull minded can make this a very difficult choice.  We do not believe in preventing pregnancy or "trying" to get pregnant.  If you are having this done just to get pregnant you could be doing it for the wrong reasons!  We suggest that you and your spouse bring this advice before the Lord and prayerfully consider it.  The ultimate choice is yours, but remember there are consequences to those choices, so please listen for His voice in this.

Janel answers:  I think we were told 6 months.

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What if the surgery doesn't work?

Janel Answers: I think that if the surgery is not successful, then the decision on what to do next would probably be different for each family. It's something that each person would have to spend time in prayer over.

Kelli answers:  This is a chance that we all took when we took our bodies into our own hands and became sterilized.  When we reached that point of repentance and accepted the Lord's leading to become quiverfull minded, we did so with the intent of restoring our fertility back to God.  Giving back what was never ours to take.  Being quiverfull minded is not about having babies, though we all agree that is a really nice side effect!  What it is about is giving that control over to God, whether we have one, ten, or no reversal blessings.  What we need to realize and understand is that this part of our body may never work again.  It may be His will that our wombs remain closed.  Some families are led to have second reversals and others not, it should be as the Lord leads.  Prayerfully consider if you can accept this as you enter this journey.  It is never as easy as you think...sometimes easier and sometimes not.

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What can I do to speed up the healing process?

Janel answers:  The only thing I can say is don't try to do too much too fast.

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