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Vasectomy Reversal Doctor:  Dr. David Wilson

Mike & Khris Nunnery's Testimony

Parents to 5 so far

August 2005

My husband, Mike, went for a vasectomy reversal in August 2005. We were and are convinced that it was God’s will for Mike to have Dr. Wilson perform the reversal. God opened too many doors for that not to be the case.

When we arrived Dr. Wilson explained to us what would be happening, prayed with us and invited us to use our own Christian CD’s if we wanted. He allowed me to be in the room with Mike the whole time and he was very kind in every way.

There were some complications due to how Mike’s vasectomy was preformed. Dr. Wilson tried diligently to repair the extensive damage but after several hours on just one side it was evident that the damage done during the vasectomy was too severe for Dr. Wilson to repair with a standard vas to vas reversal. At the time he wasn’t set up to do the more extensive reversal necessary and he was just beginning his vas reversal practice ( I believe we were his first reversal on his own).

We were all disappointed;  Dr. Wilson even shed tears with us.

Although Mike’s reversal was technically unsuccessful we give God the praise for sending us to Dr. Wilson. We had planned to use another reversal Doctor who didn’t use an operating microscope, if that had happened we would not have known the extent of damage and would have been charged a significant amount of money. ‘We know that all things work together for good…’  Romans 8:28.

We would recommend Dr. Wilson to anyone looking for a good and honest Vasectomy Reversal doctor.


Mike and Khris Nunnery

Psalm 127:3-5

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