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Tubal Reversal Doctor:  Dr. Roberto Perez
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November 2002

When our second child was born in 1998 by c-section, I had a Tubal Ligation. We had always said that we only wanted 2 children, and now, we had our two, so it was time to "take care of things". It never occurred to us that God might have an opinion on the subject! But, as the years passed, I experienced overwhelming sadness at my inability to have more babies--and it was by my own choice! By 2002, I was absolutely miserable. I finally had the courage to tell Mike how much I was suffering over it, but we thought that there was nothing we could do about it. Then, my dearest friend, a quiver full mom of soon-to-be 7, listened to my heartache and sent me a copy of A Full Quiver, and also did research for me and found out that reversals were not only possible, but successful! Mike and I studied God's Word together and were convicted by what God had to say about children. We knew that we had sinned when we had my tubal. Then, reading A Full Quiver confirmed this even more. We repented and looked to set things right. After we were convicted of our sin and were ready to correct it, we did some research on TR doctors and decided to go with Dr. Levine in KY. Our family started praying for the necessary $6500 for the surgery. I had my phone consultation with Dr. Levine and liked him, and we were just waiting for the money to schedule my surgery. In the meantime, God kept bringing Dr. Perez's name before us over and over again. I was afraid of going to Mexico for the surgery, so I kept ignoring it. Finally, after something about Dr. Perez had come across my email 3 times in one DAY, I told my husband that God must want us to at least look at this doctor, and that I would do it (my husband had been fine with going to Mexico all along!). So, we did, and the more we read, the more impressed we were with Dr. Perez. We either spoke to, emailed with, or read the testimonies of at least 30 couples who had gone to Mexico for him to do their surgery, and all the reviews were great. Finally, it was clear to us that God wanted us to go to Mexico, and we made the decision to do so. Well, that very DAY, God miraculously, from 2 different sources, provided all of the money we needed, not only for the surgery, but for all our travel expenses, to go to Mexico! Talk about exciting! So, I called the next day and scheduled the surgery for November.

I had my surgery with Dr. Roberto Perez on November 16, 2002.My husband and I flew to McAllen, Texas, the night before my surgery. We set out for Rio Bravo about 6 Saturday morning. We had absolutely no problems crossing the border; we did not get stopped or anything. We had very little trouble finding the hospital. I think the total trip took us about 40 minutes from hotel to hospital. We rented our car from Dollar Rent A Car at the McAllen Airport; their Mexican insurance is about $25/day. We got a great rate on a car from them online. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in McAllen, right by the airport; again, we got a great rate with them online. It is right by a big mall with lots of eating places.

When we got into the hospital, things were pretty busy! There were two other American couples there for TR surgery. Levi was very busy because they were also delivering two babies! I changed into a gown, and then after a bit, they came in to start my IV. A major word of advice to those of you flying--air travel dehydrates, and I was somewhat dehydrated! I had realized this after it was too late to eat or drink anything the night before. My veins are difficult to find anyway, and the dehydration made it worse! Everyone was very gentle and caring, though, and we eventually got it in. After that, we basically just waited and rested. I read and my hubby napped while we waited. The other lady had her surgery, which involved a lot of reconstruction, and at least one baby was delivered. Eventually Levi came and I was taken to surgery about 2:00.

It went as others have said...I got on the table and turned to my side to prepare for the epidural, and then Levi mercifully came and put the "knock out juice" into my IV, and I blissfully slept through the epidural and catheter being put in. After that, I woke up just as they were starting the surgery and asked for my husband, who they brought to my side. From then on, I was mostly awake. I was so glad to be awake! I felt like I did when I had my last child by c-section. I just laid there, praising God that I was even that moment being made whole again! It was wonderful to share that with my husband--a very special time. He was able to "report" to me what Dr. Perez and Levi were doing. We had even borrowed the other couple's digital camera, so my hubby kept taking pictures and then showing them to me so I could "see" what was going on! He said that Dr. Perez and Levi worked together like clockwork--a perfect team. The anesthesiologist could not have been more kind. The surgery itself was a very joyful, happy time for me that I will always treasure.

After the surgery, I was taken back to my room, and I just rested. I never got to talk to Dr. Perez, but my husband did, and he was very impressed with him and just really liked him. Levi was as wonderful as everyone has claimed though, and very considerate and caring. My IV and catheter stayed in overnight. I would definitely recommend that those who don't know Spanish learn the words for "pain" and "medicine" for the overnight hours! Levi and Dr. Perez are of course not there overnight, and the nurses do not speak English! They could not have been more kind, though.

The next day, after my IV and catheter were removed, I was able to get up and around more and more as the hours passed, and we left the hospital about 1 in the afternoon. In Rio Bravo, my husband found a great little place for Carne Asada Tacos--an outdoor stand--they were fantastic! He went looking for some good food while I was in the hospital. The hospital folks can direct you to this. We then went back to McAllen...spent about 30 minutes waiting in line to get back over the border. We again were not searched or stopped. We stayed in McAllen until Tuesday, resting up, and then flew home.

Our whole experience was wonderful. I would definitely recommend going down there to anyone, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. So far, God has blessed our family with one reversal baby, Hannah Joy, born May 26, 2004! We are happily waiting the birth of our second reversal blessing due this Christmas, December 2005.

Update:  Elijah Deron was born December 18th 2005!
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