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Tubal Reversal Doctor:  Dr. Gary Berger
Mark & Helen Jones' Testimony
I chose Dr. Berger for several reasons, not the least of which is my best friend lives in Raleigh and I was able to stay with her and have a great visit! Also, TR's are all he does, and he is such an expert in the field.

The whole staff is warm, friendly, and welcoming. They treated me so well, that I was almost sad that I wouldn't be going back anytime. I received calls from them every three months after my TR to check on my progress. Also, anytime I have had questions or concerns about my TR or tests I've had, someone has been there to answer them, whether by phone or via the message board.

Dr. Berger's message board is awesome! The women are so supportive, and a nurse or Dr. Berger himself answers questions quickly, even at night and on weekends and holidays. I've made a number of friends through the boards.

Dr. Berger is a wonderful man, and strongly believes in what he does. He has women from all over the world coming to his facility, and he has a map on the wall with pins showing where his patients have come from. I immediately felt a peace and comfort come over me the first time that I met him. He is a brilliantly skilled surgeon, and a very kind man.

I know that his rates are higher than some of the other doctors, but I feel that it was totally worth the price that we paid. The follow up care that I have received from him and his staff alone is worth much more than we paid!

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions about Dr. Berger....I consider it a privilege to be able to recommend him to any of our members!

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