The Lord's Heritage Sterilization
Reversal Ministry

Current Fundraisers:
~ Recycling for Reversals!

Want to contribute to the funds in another neat way?  Well, here is how you can.  Send your used and empty ink cartridges to the TLH mailbox (please see below).   We will send them in lots of 50 to an ink cartridge recycling center and each ink cartridge will earn between $0.50 - $4.00 depending on the make and model of the cartridge.  This costs you nothing but a postage stamp and is a great way to increase the funds!  ***Note: Epson cartridges and Canon BCI series are not accepted.

The Lord's Heritage
P.O.B. 364
Searsport, Me. 04974
~ TLH's Very Own Cook Book

We would like to thank everyone that submitted recipes for this book!  And a special thanks to Janel and Becki for all the work you did putting this together.  To order your own copy please click here.

You can order your cookbook in either book or downloadable form.  Either way each purchase raises $5.00 towards the reversal funds.  The proceeds made will be updated monthly.

Printed Book version are available for only $12.84 each!!!
Downloadable version are available for only $6.25 each!!!

Order yours now!!!

~ Shanna's Slings

I am so excited to tell everyone that I am going to be doing a fund raiser for The Lord's Heritage.  I have found that I make a pretty nice sling for mama and baby. I have made these for quite a few people and all have been very pleased.

Here is one testimonial:

"After watching a few mothers at church bonding with their infants in
slings, I wanted to have that opportunity as well.  Shanna created a beautiful sling for me in light cream with sweet little flowers.  Her slings are comfortable and very sturdy.  I love to be able to be so close to my little one." ~Teri Shepard - MO

The slings are made of many different designs. You can give me an idea of what you like and then I can search for one or I can tell you what fabric I currently have available. I try to use 100% cotton for all my fabrics but there are times that the polyester fabrics are nicer. I use plastic rings that have been tested time and time again for safety and durability. I can honestly say that I have carried a 3 year old who weighed about 30 lbs at the time and was by no means concerned for his safety.

I look forward in being able to support TLH in this manner and pray that the slings can be a blessing to others.  This will be a long term fund raiser. If you are a member here and tell me when you order or anyone orders and mentions TLH then $5.00 will be donated to TLH.

Here is the cost breakdown:
You supply fabric: $20.00
I supply fabric: $30.00

Email  Shanna  to place an order!

Completed Fundraisers Money Raised ~

Silent Auction (2005) ~ $255.00
Bennett's Nativity Sales (2005) ~ $207.00
TLH Family Cookbook (2005) ~ $10.00

Excerpt taken from TLH Charter:  Occasionally the Servants Team may feel led to allow a fundraiser to help fund our reversal families on the funding list.  If you are interested in heading up a fundraiser you must receive written permission from the Servants Team before you can associate the ministries name to it.  All fundraisers must obtain approval.  One hundred percent of profit from any TLH approved fundraisers must go to the reversal funds!  These proceeds will be split equally between the two current funds or as designated by the head of the fundraiser on approval of the Servant Team. 

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