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Vasectomy Reversal Doctor:  Dr. Dennis Streeter

Steve & Ellie Espling's Testimony

Parents to 3 so far

About 4 years ago Steve had a vasectomy. I was pregnant with baby number three after having had a miscarriage. We had sought the advice of many Christians older and wiser than us and most said a vasectomy was fine and that they had it done. It seemed common to do and I had no feeling that it was wrong because I did not want to be pregnant any more. During these past four years, I was diagnosed with cancer. That has been our focus for some time now. I have been cancer free for about a year. God has also brought some wonderful friends into our lives. They always seemed so happy with having as many kids as God says. They cherished each one. I started to become convicted in my spirit that we had done something wrong. How could I, after surviving cancer and going through all that I went through, say that pregnancy was just miserable? My view on life had changed. Many Christians are pro-life and so was I, but to me pro life started to mean more than just no abortion. I want to cherish my kids and cherish any potential of having more. Our friends gave us information they had seen on reversal ministries. I never thought a vasectomy could be reversed. So I went home and asked my husband for forgiveness for my selfishness and showed him the information. He has always wanted more children so pretty much immediately he said he wanted a reversal. Through various circumstances God lead us to Dr. Streeter. Even though we needed to fly and be away from our kids for a few days we made the trip to see him and have the reversal done. We were nervous about going so far away not even knowing the doctor but he was absolutely wonderful. He was very nice and personable. It took maybe a half hour for the procedure under local anesthetic. This was great!! A local doctor told us Steve would need to be intubated under anesthesia and the surgery would take 3 hours. I am so grateful God is so good!! I think we would have been a little lost about this whole thing if it weren't for The Lord's Heritage and their help. We are grateful for the financial support of others. What a ministry for affecting lives, lives that may have never happened. Steve is healing nicely and, though we won't know for sure if the reversal worked till I get pregnant, we feel we needed to set things right. We will see what God has for us and be happy with whatever! Thanks so much to Dr Streeter and The Lord's Heritage.
Ellie Espling ( for the Espling Family)

Update 6/23/06: We just received word from the Espling Family that they were blessed with a faint positive on Father's Day (6/18/06)!!!  They had their reversal on 9/16/05.  Praise the Lord!!  They are TLH's 2nd family funded to be expecting!

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